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Bidding Explained

Computer or Proxy Bidding: Only available on regular auctions. Not available for Classified auctions.

 You enter the highest amount you are willing to bid on the item, this is called your Max-bid. "MAX" the system auto-bidder will bid on your behalf as needed against competing bids until your maximum bid level is reached. Your Max-bid will remain secret at all times. This means that you don't have to worry about being outbid in the last seconds and that you don't have to keep coming back to the auction to bid higher, unless your Max-bid is outbid.

 All bids including current proxy bids will be displayed in the bid history.

 How It Works EXAMPLE: Lets assume the seller JOHN lists an item with a starting bid of $100.00 and a bid increment of $10.00.   Now DAN and LARRY will bid on the item. You can see the actual bidding results in the bid history of any item


User Name






 $100 - Starts the bidding 

Bidding begins at the sellers starting bid, Dan is high bidder.


 $200 - outbid by proxy

His $200 bid is entered into bid history.
DAN'S bid is raised to $210.00


 $210 - bid by proxy His $210 bid is entered into bid history. He is still high bidder.
LARRY Now Bids


 $400.00 - outbid by proxy

His $400 bid is entered into bid history.
DAN'S bid is raised to $410.00


 $410.00 - bid by proxy His $410 bid is entered into bid history. He is still high bidder.


 $500.00 - outbid by proxy He does not outbid $500.00 Max-bid by the increment of $10.00
DAN'S bid to his Max-bid $500.00


 $500.00 - by proxy His $500 bid is entered into bid history. The next bid outbid him with the minimum bid of $510.00.
LARRY bids $600.00


 $510.00 - New high bidder Larry is high bidder with $510.00 bid - Max-bid  $600.00

 Bidder and Seller Protection. Exculsive with us.On most auction sites bidders known as 'snipers' wait until the very last seconds to bid. You can even purchase software to do this for you in the last seconds. This prevents other bidders who might want to add another bid from getting the item. Our software will wait to close for another five minutes after the last bid. This protects both the seller and buyer from this practice. In another effort to prevent last second bidding, we allow the seller to close the auction at anytime during the auction period, and sell to the highest bidder at the time. This is useful to sellers who may see a bid by a bidder with excellent feedback and decide to close the auction, rather than risking selling to a bidder with bad feedback. This option also tends to discourage last minute bidding.

 Classified Sales: Allows sales of items a fixed price. This is allows dealers andothers with excess goods to put up one or dozens of items which they want to close out at a bargain price. In effect this allows them to open what we call an Auction Store on our site.

This will display the amount of items posted, It will also show how many have sold, and how many remain available. You may not bid for more items than are available. The auction will close when either all items are sold, or the time expires. In this case the time to expire can be extended beyond the usual 14 days or less.

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